What are “Fractional” Volunteer Coordinators?

fractional volunteer coordinators

The term “fractional volunteer coordinator” is one that most people are unfamiliar with.

Briefly, fractional volunteer coordinators are highly qualified, experienced professionals that come in part-time on a contract basis for organizations that may not have the resources – or the need – to have a full-time coordinator in house.

The idea of fractional leadership isn’t new.  Small and midsized companies have been using fractional chief financial officers or chief marketing officers, etc. for decades.  I am simply moving the concept out of the “C-suite”.

Fractional volunteer coordinators bring the sort of dedication, knowledge and skills that are usually out of reach for smaller not-for-profits.

The time that they don’t spend with you, they may spend doing the same thing for one or more other organizations.  Thus, the word “fractional”.

Understand, although the position is contracted, the coordinator isn’t just a consultant; they actually DO the work of managing your volunteers.

There are several benefits to your organization in having a fractional volunteer coordinator.

The main three are:

  1. They are there only for the amount of time you need them, so you aren’t scrambling to find work for them during their down time.
  2. Being a contract position, you have more flexibility and control. Not only do you choose the number of hours they work, but those can be changed according to operational need, and the position can be terminated much more easily and more amicably than with an employee.  There is also no long-term commitment.
  3. It is less expensive. Although you will be paying more per hour than you might with an employee, you are not responsible for benefits, employment insurance, vacation pay, etc.  Not to mention you will be spending less time on paperwork!

Easier, cheaper and you get top quality service to further your organization’s mission.


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