Volunteer Management Services

Every organization and volunteer environment is unique in its strengths and weaknesses.

Karen offers a suite of volunteer management services tailored to determine your volunteer organization’s needs and create an actionable strategy and implementation plan to ensure your volunteer program meets your objectives.

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Complimentary Volunteer Program Review

Are you trying to get some clarification on the effectiveness of your organization’s volunteer program? 

Join Karen for a complimentary review that takes you through the most common trouble spots to help you find out where your program is strong, and where it may need shoring up. 

The review takes between 45 minutes to an hour, depending on how in-depth a discussion is had  in each area. 

Many organizations have difficulty with recruiting or retaining volunteers. Frequently, the problem isn’t where it seems to be.

If you are not sure that your volunteer program is as effective as it could be, having an objective assessment of your program can provide clarity on the areas that need improving, and allows for the creation of an effective and strategic plan to make those improvements. 

By working with you to determine where you are right now and where you would like to be, Karen can create a customized plan filled with recommendations and specific implementation steps to strategically bridge that gap. By investing in your volunteer program, you can dramatically increase your impact in your community.

Volunteer Strategy Plan Implementation

It is one thing to have a plan, it is a very different thing to have the time and expertise to implement it.

Through decades of experience leading and mentoring volunteers, Karen has learned the tools to help maximize efficiencies and ensure that your plan is implemented quickly and well.

You get the best possible volunteer program for your organization, while conserving your valuable time. 

One-on-One Volunteer Leader
Mentoring & Support

It is not easy dealing with the day-to-day challenges of leading a volunteer program. You don’t need to face them alone. 

One-on-one mentoring will make your job easier, and relieve much of the stress and uncertainty. 

Meet with Karen over Zoom for an hour a week and together you can work though the difficulties that you face in the role, helping you reach your goals as a leader of volunteers in the community.

Better Impact Training and Onboarding Sessions

Better Impact Training and

Better Impact is one of the most highly recommended volunteer management software programs out there. It will help you engage and manage your volunteers more easily and effectively.

Karen is a Better Impact certified consultant and professional partner. She provides training and onboarding services for any volunteer-based organization implementing the Better Impact software. 

Ready to get started?

Book a complimentary discovery call with me to to help you find out where your program is strong, and where it may need shoring up. 

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