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Over Karen’s many years in the field, she has created a number of tools, tips and resources that can make the role of leader of volunteers easier.

Feel free to download those that you might find helpful. And check back regularly; new ones are being developed all the time.

No point in reinventing the wheel!

Karen's Favourite TED Talks About The Social Impact Sector

Chris Anderson

7:50 minutes

Here's a fascinating question: "What if generosity went viral?". TED's very own Chris Anderson tackles that question in this insightful talk. He also provides a few tips on HOW to make things go viral!

Kara Logan Berlin

7:50 minutes

"Real change and impact require resources." Kara gives us three ways to get those resources, without letting our mental baggage about money get in the way.

Drew Dudley

6:14 minutes

Drew reminds us that leadership isn't necessarily about changing the world. Leadership is something that everyone can - and should! - do everyday.

Dan Pallotta

18:54 minutes

In this innovative and controversial talk, Dan demonstrates how our standard mindset around charities is hurting the causes we believe in, and proves that by increasing overhead, not-for-profits can make a greater difference in the world.

Elizabeth Dunn

14:29 minutes

Giving, whether money or time, can improve our well-being dramatically, but only if we have a real connection with what or who receives it.

Angie Murimirwa

11:03 minutes

Angie talks about how paying back loans with service instead of money is enriching parts of sub-Saharan Africa. How could we use that same concept here?

Caitria & Morgan O'Neill

9:23 minutes

Sisters Caitria and Morgan, without any previous experience, organized disaster relief for their town when it was struck with a tornado. In this fascinating talk, they discuss the things that communities need to deal with disasters.

Margaret Heffernan

12:56 minutes

Margaret shows us that, rather than something to avoid, disagreement - if done well - can lead to innovation and even greater collaboration.

Dan Pink

18:36 minutes

Some of the accepted thinking about motivating people has been scientifically proven not to work, but in this fun talk Dan gives us a new way of approaching the problem.

Amy C. Edmondson

4:34 minutes

Transparency, urgency and humility are the three attributes of a successful leader during times of crisis. In this short talk, Amy explains why, and why the opposite doesn't work.

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