Keeping Event-Based Volunteers Coming Back

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Some organizations hold short-term events requiring a lot of volunteers, but may need very few the rest of the time.

They often need to start recruiting for each event from scratch. This can be a massive and frustrating drain on limited resources.

Here are some ways to reduce the turnover in your event volunteers.

Make each experience amazing.

There are people who volunteer at the Olympic Games every cycle, no matter where in the world the games are held.

They plan their vacations around when and where the games are, and they spend them volunteering. Why?

Because they have such an incredible time! They meet amazing people, they get to watch special events, they see the difference that they make.

The people who do this regularly form a bit of a club and look forward to meeting each other each time.

What can you do to add that level of pleasure to your events?

Keep in touch.

Keep their contact information current and send them updates.

  • Tell them how the event went.  How many people were fed; did you meet your donation target; what was the attendance, etc.
  • Information on what events you have coming up – and how many volunteers are needed for them!
  • What objectives your organization is focusing on right now.

Don’t do this constantly; once a month or so is plenty. If you send too many emails, they will become annoyed and may unsubscribe from your list.

Make it easy for them.

If you need your volunteers to fill out forms or have security checks, keep completed copies on file for past volunteers so all that they need to do is sign it or send it in.

Reduce the amount of training required for returning event volunteers so long as nothing important has changed. Simply give them a quick refresher and let them go.

The less red tape they have to struggle through, the more likely they are to volunteer again.

People volunteer for an event the first time because they believe in the cause.

If they have fun, are kept involved and have things made easy for them, they will volunteer again and again.

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