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Volunteer Management Certificate Program

For leaders who want to build a reliable, enthusiastic and committed volunteer team

This program combines instruction and mentoring, allowing leaders to develop and implement a complete and effective volunteer management strategy designed specifically for your organization.

Is this you?

Feeling frustrated with volunteers who don’t show up or quit unexpectedly?

Can’t find enough volunteers?

Can’t trust volunteers to do things without making mistakes?

Develop a solid foundation for engaging volunteers strategically and effectively.

This program is ideal for:

  • new-to-the-job volunteer coordinators who want to get up to speed quickly
  • experienced volunteer coordinators who want to take their skills to the next level
  • executive directors who need to look after volunteer coordination in addition to their regular duties, and want the fastest, most effective way to get the job done

Registration Information:

Tuition: $1,500


  • 6 modules with video content and worksheets
  • 6 1:1 mentoring calls with Karen (arranged directly to fit your schedule)
  • unlimited email support

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Program Outline

There are 6 modules, each centered around a specific skill set and culminating in a focus project.

Introduction to volunteer management

What makes a good volunteer leader? Learn basic skills, become aware of personal biases (diversity, equity, inclusion), learn the attributes of compelling leaders

Project: Self-assessment and personal development plan

How to create a great volunteer program

A deep dive into the "heart model", as well as vision and goal setting, time management, and planning.

Project: Do a review of and develop a plan to create or improve the volunteer program for your organization

Volunteer appreciation

Appreciation leads to engaged and committed volunteers. Learn strategies to thank volunteers, how to put on an appreciation event and how to find sponsors for volunteer gifts.

Project: Plan a volunteer appreciation event

Volunteer recruitment

How to set up an effective & efficient recruitment process, including developing roles and job descriptions, getting the word out, shortlisting, interviewing and selection.

Project: Create job descriptions for each volunteer role and develop a recruitment process, including an application form & interview questions

Volunteer onboarding and training

How to get new volunteers ready for their shifts, setting and managing expectations, training methods and instructional design.

Project: Develop an on-boarding process and a training program with a volunteer handbook

Day-to-day volunteer management

Develop key managerial skills including scheduling, delegation, risk assessment, and conflict management. Also includes budgeting and leading virtually.

Project: Write and produce a volunteer management handbook

What you get: training videos, resource library and 1:1 mentoring support calls

25 focused training videos to help you master new skills

This is a hands on, action-based program. Each video is short (approximately 10 minutes) and focused on building one specific skill.

A comprehensive resource library you can use to quickly develop everything you need to run your volunteer management system

Stocked with everything you need – including:

  • Self-assessment worksheet
  • Sample volunteer management handbook
  • Sample volunteer job descriptions
  • Interview checklist and suggested interview questions
  • Event planning guide and worksheet
  • Volunteer onboarding worksheet
  • Training program checklist
  •  and much more….

6 one-hour, structured, 1:1 mentoring calls to help you develop and execute a volunteer management strategy for YOUR organization

Get professional help and support to

  • Develop your volunteer management strategy
  • Create a volunteer recruitment plan
  • Write volunteer role descriptions
  • Set up a volunteer reporting system
  • Produce a volunteer handbook

Unlimited email access to Karen for support when you need it

Get a quick answer for any questions that arise – including issues that occur on the job. Karen will function as a go-to resource who will provide in-the-moment expert advice.

This program is based on industry best practices, and on standards set out by the Canadian Code for Volunteer Involvement.

Registration Information:

Tuition: $1,500


  • 6 modules with video content and worksheets
  • 6 1:1 mentoring calls with Karen (arranged directly to fit your schedule)
  • unlimited email support

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