A New Golden Rule

Are you aware that there’s a new golden rule? People are discovering that treating others the way you want to be treated just isn’t enough.

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Building Resilient Volunteers

There isn’t much information out there about building resilience in volunteers. Yet resilient volunteers are the core of a strong program. Here are a few tips on how you can build their resilience.

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Challenging Volunteers

challenging volunteers

At one time or another, most leaders will have to deal with challenging volunteers. Here are some tips that will allow you to fit those people into your program seamlessly.

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How to Demonstrate Empathy and Retain Volunteers

demonstrate empathy

Demonstrating empathy with your volunteers can greatly increase your retention rates. But saying “I know how you feel” may not be as empathetic as you think. Here’s how you can demonstrate empathy in a way to truly make your volunteers feel heard.

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Presenting to the Board

presenting to the Board

Presenting to your Board of Directors may seem scary, but if you want to advocate for your volunteers – and all volunteer leaders should! – this is where you need to start.

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