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engage kids

3 Tips to Engage Kids as Volunteers

By Karen Knight | October 5, 2022

If you want to engage kids as volunteers – and have them volunteer into adulthood – there are three things that you need to provide. They might not be what you think!

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volunteer fair

Volunteer Fair Success

By Karen Knight | September 28, 2022

It takes planning & preparation for a table at a volunteer fair to lead to reliable, committed volunteers. Here are some things for you to think about ahead of time.

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appreciation event

Creating Popular Appreciation Events

By Karen Knight | September 21, 2022

Volunteers not attending your appreciation events? If you are spending time and resources in putting on events just for them and they don’t show up, you may need to create the event in a different way.

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quiet quitting

Quiet Quitting in Not-for-Profits

By Karen Knight | September 14, 2022

Quiet quitting is starting to affect not-for-profits. Here is a way you can keep your staff engaged and active.

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Feedback vs Feed Forward

By Karen Knight | September 7, 2022

Should you provide volunteers with feedback – or feed FORWARD? What are the pros and cons of focusing on the past vs the future? And is it necessary to choose?

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four day work week

How Would a Four-Day Work Week Affect Volunteering?

By Karen Knight | August 31, 2022

More and more people and companies are looking into the option of a four-day work week. If that were to become common, how would it affect the world of volunteering?

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Why You Need a Mentor

By Karen Knight | August 24, 2022

When trying to learn a new role, or a new skill, nothing is as valuable as a good mentor. Here’s why, and how to find one.

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audit your volunteer program

Audit Your Volunteer Program

By Karen Knight | August 17, 2022

Stop thinking of “audit” as a dirty word. When you audit your volunteer program regularly, you save time and increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

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staff shortages

Staff Shortages are Affecting Volunteers

By Karen Knight | August 10, 2022

Are staff shortages affecting the volunteers in your organization? It’s a growing problem in our current environment. Here are a few ways to limit the fallout.

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get more done

Get More Done – Easily!

By Karen Knight | August 3, 2022

Do you find yourself working full out, yet never seeming to get the important things done? Here is a simple way to get more done that has been around for ages – because it works for most people.

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