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four day work week

How Would a Four-Day Work Week Affect Volunteering?

By Karen Knight | August 31, 2022

More and more people and companies are looking into the option of a four-day work week. If that were to become common, how would it affect the world of volunteering?

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Why You Need a Mentor

By Karen Knight | August 24, 2022

When trying to learn a new role, or a new skill, nothing is as valuable as a good mentor. Here’s why, and how to find one.

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audit your volunteer program

Audit Your Volunteer Program

By Karen Knight | August 17, 2022

Stop thinking of “audit” as a dirty word. When you audit your volunteer program regularly, you save time and increase its efficiency and effectiveness.

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staff shortages

Staff Shortages are Affecting Volunteers

By Karen Knight | August 10, 2022

Are staff shortages affecting the volunteers in your organization? It’s a growing problem in our current environment. Here are a few ways to limit the fallout.

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get more done

Get More Done – Easily!

By Karen Knight | August 3, 2022

Do you find yourself working full out, yet never seeming to get the important things done? Here is a simple way to get more done that has been around for ages – because it works for most people.

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volunteer training

Supercharge Your Volunteer Training

By Karen Knight | July 27, 2022

Are volunteers grumbling about taking training? It’s a common problem. Here are the four most common reasons volunteers dislike training, and four tips to supercharge your volunteer training.

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volunteer quotes

My Favourite Volunteer Quotes

By Karen Knight | July 13, 2022

I decided today to share some of my favourite volunteer quotes and why I love them. From Seneca to Audrey Hepburn, from Malala Yousafzai to Muhammad Ali, here is wisdom distilled into a few lines. I hope you find them as insightful as I do.

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enforcing boundaries

Enforcing Boundaries

By Karen Knight | July 6, 2022

Enforcing boundaries is hard for many leaders of volunteers, but it’s a vital part of having a fair, smoothly-operating volunteer program. And to protecting your mental health!

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When Technology Takes Over

By Karen Knight | June 29, 2022

With the steady increase in automation, more and more tasks are being taken over by technology, sometimes to the detriment of the people who were doing the work. Here’s how to armour your position against cuts.

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Volunteering Without White Saviourism

By Karen Knight | June 22, 2022

When people from privileged groups (white, financially secure, male, etc) try to help those less privileged, it’s easy to fall into the trap of saviourism. Here’s what that looks like, and how to avoid it.

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