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Build a reliable, enthusiastic and
committed volunteer team.

Volunteer management consulting and training for not-for-profits to build reliable, enthusiastic and committed volunteer teams.

An effective volunteer program is key to not-for-profits having an impact in their communities.

One of the biggest challenges not-for-profit organizations face is the lack of engagement in volunteer programs. Organizations are finding it more and more difficult to find committed, reliable volunteers.

Many agencies don’t have the time, resources or expertise to effectively recruit and engage an efficient volunteer team. They are often left working with a mediocre team, resulting in mediocre results.

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Studies have proven that when nonprofits invest in their volunteer leaders and their volunteers they have a greater impact in their communities.

Urban Institute - Volunteer Management Capacity

A custom-designed, strategic volunteer management plan will lay out the steps to transform your existing volunteers into a highly efficient team while also creating an actionable recruitment process.

Karen Knight has a wealth of experience developed over 25 years in many not-for-profit environments.

Her ability to create and effectively implement volunteer recruitment, training, and management strategies, custom built for every volunteer situation has earned her a reputation for providing exceptional results using the resources available.

Karen can execute the new plan and/or mentor your volunteer leadership team to ensure that your volunteer program starts and stays on the road to success.

The whole culture of your volunteer program is going to change.

Whether you are searching for an effective plan, someone to implement it, or a guide to help you with your challenges, let’s talk.


Five Steps to Building a Stellar Volunteer Team

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The ABCs of Leading Volunteers

Reading a book about leading volunteers shouldn’t be another chore to add to your list. It should be simple and fun, but still useful. So, I wrote an ABC book! I hope you find it adds to both your enjoyment and your understanding of the role!

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The self-confidence I have gained from Karen's mentorship is one of the greatest assets I carry with me in my day.
Aaron Madaisky

Karen has become one of the greatest mentors in my life, motivating me to new heights as a leader – in my career, and in my personal relationships.

Karen’s excellent eye for details and her experience in this field allows her to provide feedback that can be integrated into one’s life immediately. Her coaching set off a chain reaction of positive events in my life that I have continued to reap the rewards from.

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